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The Wind... by alicexz The Wind... :iconalicexz:alicexz 34,870 2,084
What I Learned at SRU -10-
A/N: I know there's been a bit of a heavy emphasis on the female characters earlier on here, and this chapter continues that - honestly, this is partially because the girls have a bit more external drama but also because the plot just needs me to focus on them first.
What I Learned at SRU
Chapter 10 - Simple
[Boomerang Blog: Back At Ya!]
[About That...]
[Posted on September 7th at 11:46pm]
[by Noble Sir Kesuk Esquire]
[So ya know how my ex-girlfriend has been hanging out with us? Yea. About that...It's starting to get kinda weird. There's definitely something still there, ya know? Not surprising, really. The only reason we broke up Freshman year was because she transferred. My friends keep picking on me about it. I just don't know what to do. Every time those feelings start coming up I can't stop thinking about Yue. Like I'd be betraying her or something...Does that even make sense?]
[I need to think about all of this.]
:icondestiny-smasher:Destiny-Smasher 47 38
What I Learned at SRU -9-
What I Learned at SRU
Chapter 9 - Just Like That
- Saturday, September 4th, 2010 -
"She hasn't come back yet?"
"Sorry, Jane," Toph said apathetically, one earbud still tucked in as music trickled into her ear. "I dunno what's up."
"You don't think she's gonna chicken out, do you?"
"Nah," came Toph's confident reply. "She seemed pretty worked up about it."
"Guess you're right." Jane sighed and scratched her neck anxiously.
"Why? You worried about her or somethin'?" teased Toph with a grin, her arms folding behind her head on her pillow.
"Maybe," Jane laughed with a shrug that couldn't be seen. She sat herself down in Katara's desk chair, lazily propping her socked feet onto Katara's desk. "Getting mixed up with the Freedom Fighters was just a bad idea," she explained. "I just hope she can make a clean break."
"She'll be fine," Toph insisted. "Getting bent outta shape doesn't seem your style," she pointed out. "Take a chill pill."
"It's not my style," Jane grumbled, arms cr
:icondestiny-smasher:Destiny-Smasher 45 50
Taang: Won't Let Go by Kimi-Juu Taang: Won't Let Go :iconkimi-juu:Kimi-Juu 97 35 Toph: Out and About by Senephrin Toph: Out and About :iconsenephrin:Senephrin 86 46 Toph: Bored? Earthbend. by Senephrin Toph: Bored? Earthbend. :iconsenephrin:Senephrin 157 62
Taang Week: Box
Summary: An Avatar: the Last Airbender one-shot. Toph ticks off Bumi, but Aang will fight his old friend tooth and nail to get her out of being punished. Humor, hinted Taang.
"Come on, Bumi! Please?"
"Pretty please?"
"I'll be your friend!"
"You're already my friend."
"I'll—I'll let you do that experiment where you try to breed Appa will a badger-mole!"
"Hmm...tempting, but no."
"Come on!"
"In here," Minister Chao said calmly, motioning Katara and Sokka into the room.
King Bumi's Earthbending arena was even more disheveled than usual—rocks were thrown out of the battle area, rubble was everywhere, and in the middle of the fighting area Aang stood facing Bumi, hands balled into fists and an uncharacteristically angry look on his face. Behind them Katara could make out a long metal box held up on a table, chained
:iconjoemerl:JoeMerl 22 18
Under the rain of flowers by Minari-hanul Under the rain of flowers :iconminari-hanul:Minari-hanul 324 30 One snowy day by Minari-hanul One snowy day :iconminari-hanul:Minari-hanul 186 20 Avatar Monsters: Zombie Aang by Acaciathorn Avatar Monsters: Zombie Aang :iconacaciathorn:Acaciathorn 1,653 466 america with a 70s pornstache by Blue-Fox america with a 70s pornstache :iconblue-fox:Blue-Fox 729 205 america with a mullet by Blue-Fox america with a mullet :iconblue-fox:Blue-Fox 204 128 Avatar Monsters: Mummy Toph by Acaciathorn Avatar Monsters: Mummy Toph :iconacaciathorn:Acaciathorn 2,170 240 AvaMonsters: SwampThing Katara by Acaciathorn AvaMonsters: SwampThing Katara :iconacaciathorn:Acaciathorn 3,444 574 Zutara Week: Crossover by millymonka Zutara Week: Crossover :iconmillymonka:millymonka 66 17



Commission list:

- :iconjinjinbun: art trade (sketch stage)
- :iconawitan: commiss. (lineart stage)
- :iconthebabebandit4: commiss. (lineart stage)
* :icondestiny-smasher: commiss. (coloring stage)
- :iconxxpornograffiti: b-day present (lineart stage) <--lol you skank, I'm getting too embarrassed to work on it more xD;; ily<3
- :iconpostinlove: [[unknown]] -A-;;

As you can see from the different stages.. I do a little of everything at a time.. which is probably why I take so long with them. ^^;

I'll also try to keep this updated. C:

* means it's the most recent one updated. xD;;
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